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Sports Picks and Sports Handicapping

Welcome to the 5% Club!

Providing the very best in sports picks and syndicate information, Day Trade Sports is an international sports investment firm -- not to be confused with a traditional sports handicapping service. It is known among the tight-kept group of "wiseguys" in Vegas & around the world: "95% of the gambling enthusiasts (entertainment bettors) lose, while 5% win!"

If you are here, you have decided to take your sports investing to the next level.

With offices in 4 countries, our "club" goes far beyond sports handicapping, providing the latest sport picks and information on all sports as well as horse racing. Please subscribe to our free alerts on the top of the page via email and text message.

Come back each day to watch our daily Day Trade Sports Report. Additionally, we will provide our radio show here, as well as a live show on the internet.

The information behind our sports picks is comprised of traditional sports handicapping, casino moves, syndicate plays, steam plays, as well as computer algorithmic models.

In order to access this information you would have" to speak to over 300 sources per day. We are a "one stop" shop for ALL your sports information needs.

Unlike traditional sports handicapping services, who dole out subpar sports picks to losing players, we are an "elite" club, gathering information from our network of contacts around the world.